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Snowkite Races

Date: February 08, 2025

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cost: Free

Dates and times to be announced!

Kiting and winging can be learned by anyone in decent physical shape.  The activity offers many levels of enjoyment, you choose how far to push it.  Some prefer to cruise around in light winds very relaxed, others are pushing the envelope each time they go out, jumping higher, trying new tricks etc. It is important to find the path that feels comfortable for you. If you are uncertain, take a class!

Lakawa supplies the equipment and you decide if you like it. We are pretty certain, once you fly you will be hooked.  Our small local business works to keep you stoked.  Every Sunday we Snowkite Race on Wayzata Bay through the winter and welcome you.  Pro tip: come to the start line, about 11am every Sunday, for the best view and vibe. Or, let us help get you properly geared up and join us!  Click here for more information!